International Łochów Cup - ECU ECL 2023

International Łochów Cup – ECU ECL 2023 had been held in Łochów on 02.12.2023. It was the first ECU ECL competitions held in Poland. The organizers were Polish Cheerleading Sport Association, Polish Cheerleading Association, Polish Dance Federation and Iskra Cheerleaders Sport Club.

The competition included an official gala as an anniversary of 20 years of Iskra Cheerleaders Sport Club.

In the competition participated around 1200 athletes from 11 countries - Austia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, FInland, Greece, Slovak republic, Slovenia, Ukraina and Hungary. We have watched 170 performances in 3 divisions – Cheer, Performance cheer and Pom Dane /Polish division for beginners and schools/. The competition have been judged by 2 panels - totaly 18 judges from 4 countreis (Finland, Austria, Norway and Poland.

We are very happy that so many international clubs decided to join our competition and spend this day with us.

We hope to meet again in 2024 




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