Non-Olympic Sports Commission in Polish Olympic Committee

On October 12, 2023, the first inaugural meeting of the Non-Olympic Sports Commission was held.
This is a new and very innovative initiative of the Polish Olympic Committee.
 The nominees received congratulations from the President of the Polish Olympic Committee, Radosław Piesiewicz.
 e are proud that the President of the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association - Leszek Cichocki -  became the chairman of the NOSC.


Knowing President Leszek Cichocki, his pace of action, substantive approach and consequences in pursuing the goal,
the sports community will soon see the introduction of new projects.


We are convinced that the entire committee will make every effort to ensure that non-Olympic sports overcome
the next threshold of development and new opportunities for players, clubs and sports associations.
 We wish you good luck - Management Board of the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association.




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