PCSA joins Erasmus + project

Polish Cheerleading Sports Association, thanks to the support of Erasmus+, will implement a program called
'Supporting the development of sports cheerleading employees in Poland.' In the spring recruitment process,
PZSC submitted an application that was recognized and will be implemented under the Erasmus + SPORT program.

The successful recruitment means that union members can now prepare to go to Sweden and Austria.

The Association's project assumes two trips to Sweden and Austria, in which PZSC activists and coaches will take part.
 The project aims to support good relations between countries, exchange experiences and cooperate in the field of creating favorable conditions for players' development and sports competition.

There will also be an opportunity to look at the infrastructure and organizational solutions.
The first stage is a preparatory visit, which will be complemented by the second phase, i.e. a two-week trip for coaches.
They will be selected through a competition. They will work with colleagues from partner countries, act together and
at the same time observe the customs in our sport. We create opportunities for development based on the assumption that the
more interactions between countries, the greater our willingness to develop, compete and become better at organizing and practicing sports cheerleading.

We would like to thank the Foundation for the Development of the Education System for their trust
and support in the development of cheerleading in Poland.



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