About The Association

The Polish Cheerleading Sport Association was founded in March 2018 on the initiative of four associations:

the Polish Dance Federation, Student Sport Club “Duet”, Student Sport Dance Club “Shock Dance Szczecin” and Sport Club “Grawitacja”. It was a response to the growing interest in this sport discipline in Poland and to expectations of sport teams and clubs, among others. One of the priorities of the PCSA is to establish and prepare a national team for the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, world championships and European championships.


Objectives of the Association:

  • to develop and popularise cheerleading in Poland
  • to provide organisational and financial conditions necessary for participation of sport association members in sport and cultural competitions
  • to enable or facilitate participation in sport competitions for the members
  • to represent the interests of the cheerleading community in national and foreign organisations
  • to carry out activities aimed at promotion and development of various forms of amateur and professional cheerleading

The Polish Cheerleading Sport Association is a member of the International Cheer Union (ICU).

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