ICU Worlds Cup 2023


The first international competition of this type will be held in South Korea on October 6-8, 2023.
The Polish Team for this event consists of the Pom Junior team - Millenium (Brzeszcze) and Cheer Hip Hop Double - Karolina and Roksana WDS

(Krynica Zdrój) - winners of 2nd places in the Polish Cup 2022 cycle.

Cheer Hip Hop Double

The first inaugural competition where our country will be represented by the Cheer Hip-Hop Senior duo Karolina Wolak and Roksana Majda.

The duo has been a member of the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association for 3 years and has already achieved many achievements.
Three-time Polish Champion title, achievements at the Polish Grand Prix and international appearance at the ICU WORLDS Orlando 2022 World Championships.

Self-discipline, diligence, self-improvement, self-confidence, tenacity, bravery, ambition and great humility are these features that characterize our athletes.

Is the duo perfect? I would say well-coordinated. Training comes very easily to us. I am a coach, choreographer and competitor, it is not an easy task,
but Roksana and I get along without words. We are fast, dynamic and spontaneous. We do what our heart tells us.

We have high goals and hard work, we gain distinctions and high achievements. All experiences build us up and give us strength to continue working.
Thanks to humility and constant work, we are in the place we deserve. Professional sport is not good for health. After serious health problems,

WE ARE BACK IN THE GAME! We will make every effort to remember the red and white color.


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