We got it! We will have a national cheerleading team!

This is great news for the entire cheerleading community: competitors, clubs, sport associations, coaches, parents and fans of this sport discipline! The Polish Cheerleading Sport Association has become real!

The national team will be selected
The aim was to enable talented children and young people to participate in international events through a scholarship scheme, adequately prepared management and finance of training activity, among others. And we did it! We got it! The Polish Cheerleading Sport Association is beginning its operation. Its authorities assure that selection of the national team for this sport discipline is only a matter of time now. After four years of efforts and fulfilling numerous legal and organisational requirements, the president of the Polish Sport Confederation approved establishment of the Association. It is a historic event, because after the awaited decision of the International Olympic Committee, which finally decided that cheerleading would be an Olympic sport last year, at the Paris 2024 Olympics we can expect the debut not only of the discipline itself, but also of Polish competitors.

Association authorities
The authorities of the newest Association in Poland include dance professionals and enthusiasts: President Piotr Pat�aszy�ski and Vice President Leszek Cichocki.

"The Polish Dance Federation is one of the founders of the PCSA. As many as 4 years ago, we began our efforts to create the Polish Cheerleading Sport Association and fill the gap in this discipline. First of all, we founded the Cheer Sport & Cheerleading Sports Association, and then we submitted documents to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism,"
says President Piotr Pat�aszy�ski, one of the initiators and founder of the Polish Cheerleading Sport Association.

"We have very skilled world-class dancers in Poland; however, until now we lacked system support for development of this discipline. The functioning of cheerleading, including training of coaches, was possible with the aid of the Polish Dance Federation, among others. Owing to the creation of the PCSA, we will now be able to organise professional training and specify training standards guaranteeing first and foremost safety of the cheerleaders,"
says Vice President of the PCSA, Leszek Cichocki.

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