Competition for the World Championship in Busko-Zdroj

At the qualifiers in Busko-Zdr�j, dancers fought for nomination to the Polish cheerleading team for the World Championships in the USA. The qualifiers for the World Cheerleading Championship ICU Orlando 2018 were held in late 2017 in Busko-Zdr�j.

They were organised by the Polish Dance Federation, the Perfekta Dance Foundation and the Busko-Zdr�j Local Government Cultural Centre. The mayor of Busko-Zdr�j and the Busko-Zdr�j municipality, the head of the Busko-Zdr�j county, the governor of the �wi�tokrzyskie Province and the marshal of the �wi�tokrzyskie Province provided patronage for the event.

Qualifiers for the ORLANDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018

Dance of the best
The competition was held in line with the international regulations of the International Cheer Union. The tournament was evaluated by an international committee comprised of judges from Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Finland and Hungary. The competitors fought for nominations to the national Polish team for the Cheerleading World Championship which will be held in the USA this April.

They competed in the following categories:

  • Freestyle Pom Junior and Senior, pairs and teams,
  • Cheer Hip Hop Junior and Senior, pairs and teams,
  • Cheer Jazz Junior and Senior, pairs and teams,
  • Team Cheer All Girls, Team Cheer Coed.

The competition lasted the entire day and involved participants from across Poland, such as teams from O�wi�cim and Gdynia. The competition ended with an official gala, during which the results were announced and the winning teams received their nominations. The qualifiers were won by MDK Gdynia?s ?Galaxy? team. The town mayor, Waldemar Sikora, awarded the Grand Prix financial prize, which he funded for the best presentation of the day. Media patrons of the qualifiers included Gazeta Echo Dnia, Radio Kielce, the portal, Tygodnik Ponidzia, Telewizja Ponidzie TV, and the main sponsors were Buskowianka and Hotel Bristol.

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