Coaches education - PL Basic and PL Intermediate

23-24/09/2023 Torwar, Warsaw

We started the weekend at Torwar in Warsaw with a PZSC PL Basic coaches course.
The classes were started by the president of PZSC, Leszek Cichocki, and the lectures were given by Mr. Bartosz Penkala.

More new young people joined the group of PZSC coaches at the PL Basic level.

Then, Saturday afternoon and Sunday were classes as part of the PZSC PL Intermediate coaches course.

The classes were conducted by Mrs. Anna Polatowska-Zegar and Mrs. Sylwana Patłaszyńska, providing participants
with knowledge on the methodology of teaching elements, sample exercises, nomenclature and characteristics of individual divisions.

All students successfully passed the final exam and joined the group of PZSC coaches.


Thank you for participating and congratulations!!!

Sport unites and develops!! 

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