Orlando is waiting for Galaxy Team

Just in a few days the top event for the cheerleading world will start - World Cheerleading Championship 2018 organised by the International Cheer Union! Poland will be represented by Galaxy Team from the Youth Community Centre from Gdynia.

Let me just refresh your memory. A 19-people team from Gdynia won the last year Polish qualifications for the World Championship in Orlando and will be the only one from our country to represent the white and the red. This has not been their first success as in their scorecard they also have the title of Vice-Champions 2014 secured in Manchester.

Cheerleaders were raising funds themselves
Not only did the girls have to win challenging qualifications, but their travel was even up in the air for financial reasons. The costs of the travel per person amounted to more than PLN 5,000, so they would need to find quite a large sum of money to make their travel come true. Thanks to the support of the Youth Community Centre and the authorities of the city of Gdynia who donated, among others, PLN 500 for each girl, and parents, sponsors and the involvement of the cheerleaders themselves, the necessary funds were raised.

"We didn't want to have the same situation as there was last year when - for financial reasons - we were not able to take part in the World Championship in paracheer category. This time the girls prepared some paid events themselves, they were raising money in cans and were earning in any possible way" - says Anna Kwitniewska, the coach of Galaxy Team and a gymnast artist, an Olympic player from Atlanta, frequent winner of championships in Poland and the participant of the European and the world-wide championships.

Though there were many impediments, all of them have been overcome and Orlando will be a fact. On the 26th April the team will perform before the world-wide audience in freestyle pom senior category as a team and as a pair.

Target: to give full measure
We have asked the coach of the girls from Gdynia at what stage the preparations are and what their expectations are like.

"The girls have already achieved great success. Please, remember that this is not a cheerleading school or a sports club but just a Youth Community Centre where training sessions are held twice a week so in total it's more than 4 hours. We always have ballet classes, strength and endurance training plus acrobatics. Just before our travel the training sessions are becoming more and more strenuous, and the players arrange some additional classes themselves" - says the coach.

There are bundles of emotion before their travel to Orlando. The girls from Gdynia are expected to fulfil the plan and do their best.

"There are more and less experienced girls in our team. The Unites States are the cradle of cheerleading so the travel itself is a stunning challenge. It's making their dreams come true" -
A. Kwietniewska notices.

We keep our fingers crossed for the successful performance of our players in Orlando and as early as today we kindly invite you to take part in another vital event ? the 4th Cheerleaders Poland Championship which will be held on 12th - 13th May in MOSiR in Ostrowia Mazowiecka. Its chief organiser is the Polish Cheerleading Sport Association.

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